Enjoying all foods without guilt & feeling good in your body is possible.

With Sunrise Nutrition Consulting LLC - New Perspectives are on the Horizon

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Welcome to Sunrise Nutrition Consulting LLC, a weight neutral, size inclusive nutrition practice where healing your thoughts and feelings about food is more important than a nutrient analysis.

Here, all bodies are good bodies, tasty foods are celebrated not shamed, and learning to eat intuitively provides freedom from binges, body dissatisfaction and food restriction.

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Sunrise Nutrition Consulting LLC offers freedom from restrictive diets, disordered eating, eating disorders and body image struggles. Using methods focused on eating, feeding and nutrition therapy, a joyful relationship to food and body emerges naturally. Have children? Use similar principles to end food fights, allow balanced intake & create a mealtime environment promoting family connection rather than struggles.

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What’s an anti-diet dietitian?

Anti-diet dietitians understand the research that shows 95% of people regain weight lost from dieting - plus more - within 3-5 years. We know diets, “life-style change” and all the other code words for food restriction don’t work.

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Sunrise Nutrition Consulting works along with you to take the guilt and stress out of eating, body image & feeding children.